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I explore design in a society in transformation

For me design is a way of thinking, experimenting, analyzing, reflecting and synthesizing. I use design in multi-stakeholder situations and complex systems to support transformation.

Design for me is a certain way of looking at situations. Design can be used to externalize thoughts and perspectives in a way that is different from other fields. It distinguishes itself from other disciplines through its inherent future oriented view and experiential nature – creating the starting grounds for transformation.

Designers will be working more and more with wicked problems where the scale, complexity and level of social integration has increased. In this new level of complexity I believe that the strengths of design to deal with the uncertain and ambiguous are highlighted. In these wicked situations design should be about opening up the system to different perspectives. This requires a new way of thinking and stops treating design as creating final ‘products’ or tools. Instead looking at design as a way of thinking, experimenting, analyzing, reflecting and synthesizing.

Designers are experienced in handling, uncertainty, complexity and creativity which makes them capable of having a leading role in this transformation of society.



Observing, Analyzing & Visualizing

I am a curious and creative person with analytic mind this makes me drawn to complex societal challenges where a ‘solution’ does not exist. I like to dive into the complexity of these wicked situations and emerge myself completely in the context that I am working in.

I am curious which means that I have broad interests. In design I am therefore often working with wicked situations, which require me to look for knowledge both inside and outside the field of design. Also, it drives me to approach situations from multiple perspectives – whether this is from a first, second or third person perspective, a different theoretical perspective, or even being more practical.

When diving into this complexity of wicked problems I like to get in contact with people that inspire me and have collaborations that trigger my thinking. Incorporating different perspectives makes the process interesting and triggers my curiosity.

I am an abstract and analytical thinker but being a designer my work is also heavily involved with practice. I work well in settings that are very ambiguous and uncertain, giving me the freedom to work on an abstract level and at the same time zoom into the micro level to experiment and reflect. Providing me to tap into the visionary and future-oriented aspect of design and show leadership qualities in design.



Design & Research Exploring processes

Design is about approaching things from different perspectives and having a reflective attitude


People Value for Society

Through looking at the social, political and cultural implications of design


Business Exploring Strategy

Understanding how organizations work & managing multi-stakeholder processes


Creativity Using Perspectives

Showing perspectives and communicating thoughts & ideas through visualizing.

I am interested in designing for the transformation of ecosystems.

I am interested in designing for the transformation of systems – on all levels. This means working on a strategic level as well as looking at the messy reality of everyday life. It involves a strategic mind and being able to work on multiple levels at the same time.

The transformation of ecosystems involves the transformation of companies, organizations, institutes and even networks. These transformations have an impact on society. One of the main questions that currently intrigues me is how design can support the creation of impact on all of these levels.

Future development plans