Color & Food

Assessing the impact of colour preconceptions and contrast on the flavour of food. Colour and its effects on food perception provide an opportunity in the world of food experience. The colour of the context can be changed according to the colour of the food in order to influence the perception of food flavour.

ABSTRACT In this paper we use NutriLight to explore preconceptions about the flavour of food in combination with colour. NutriLight is a LED ring that can be set to different colours, creating different ambiances around the food on the plate. The goal of this paper is to find out how preconceptions about colour influence people’s expectation of flavour, and if colour contrast can improve people’s perception of the flavour of food.

In this research, a mixed method approach was used. Quantitative studies, conducted with 12 participants, explored to what extend people have preconceptions about the taste of colour. In the qualitative study, which was conducted with 8 participants, we aimed to evaluate the impact of colour contrast on the perception of the flavour of food. Our studies show that there is a relation between colour and people’s perception of the flavour of food.