Focusing on mental health, this project targets office vitality through improving the indoor environment. Most evaluation systems make use of objective data to test the quality of the environment. However, an important factor in determining the quality of the indoor environment is the perception people have of the quality.

Mivo is the system that allows us to take our office buildings for a test run. Mivo enables building occupants to give their subjective feedback on the current air quality, temperature, light, and noise level, which are the environmental aspects that matter most for occupant health in a building. Every desk has its own Mivo feedback input device allowing for localized feedback and the creation of a map overview of the workplace with suggestions for improvement over time based on the collected feedback. The collected feedback data is gathered and analyzed in the web-based system which would help facility management of offices to enable easier building performance assessments. Outcomes of these evaluations have an impact on the current building state and how buildings are designed, built, and operated in the future.

Although it is widely known that the quality of our indoor environment is important for occupant health and that a high quality of the indoors should be assured, we often forget test it. Lacking post-occupancy evaluation of buildings has led to a meager 59% percent of people being satisfied with their indoor environment, instead of the recommended minimum of 90%. Another big mistake often made is to leave people completely out of feedback and control systems as the level of quality of an environment is mostly determined by people’s perception. We think that it is very important that employees have the opportunity to give feedback on the environment where they spend the majority of their time. Furthermore, we strongly believe that empowering employees to voice their opinion and take part in improving their wellbeing is the key to a better health of office employees. A higher quality indoor environment is not only beneficial for employee health and wellbeing, it can also increase employee productivity levels by at least ten percent.