Patient Journey Community

This project explores a possible way to complement expert information from the healthcare professional with information from online communities. Patient Journey Community is a mobile application with both information from health professionals as well as a community aspect.This was done together with the MMC and Patient Journey from Interactive Studios.

[Patient Journey] allows parents to share an information request to the community in the information overview. Other parents can then reply with practical tips or advice. As communities often form their own quasi-professional knowledge it is important that the advice is checked by healthcare professionals in order to guarantee credibility of all information provided on [Patient Journey]. In addition, parents are able to search through information requests using keywords, which makes it easy to look up answers to questions other parents may have had before. Having the answers to most general questions saved in one overview saves the healthcare professional time that can then be used for more specialized questions.

Next to the information overview, [Patient Journey] allows parents to share their experiences with the treatment to the community. Here parents can share pictures and messages about the progress of the treatment to the community. Other parents are then able to provide the necessary support, while at the same time the healthcare professional is able to check on the status of the treatment. Both the information requests and experiences posted by the parent are saved to their personal overview. Providing an overview of information requests allows them to look back at information they previously requested. An overview of shared experiences illustrates the journey both parent and child went through while under treatment.