A new form of participatory museums where the exhibition is personalized to each of the visitors, which allows the visitor to take part in creating the exhibition experience. Also, the supporting tool for the design of the exhibitions was made during the project.

Eindhoven Museum gave us an assignment to redesign a way of exhibit museum objects. We came up with a pop-up exhibition in the form of a Maze. On each split of paths the visitor is asked a question, the answer to this question is the direction the visitor will walk in. This gives each visitor a personalized experience within the museum. In the end, each visitor has walked a different path and is matched to one of four personas. These personas explain what Eindhoven will look like in the future, if everyone would share their vision about mobility.

Making a maze is quite a challenge for people who are not mathematicians, for this reason we designed a tool to help the people of the Eindhoven Museum plan their exhibition. The tool exists of an app, a projection and physical board. The curator can state their constraints in the app, which will generate a projection of areas, the most important walls of the Maze and entrances and exits. The curator can place extra walls, objects and questions by placing corresponding pieces on the board. When finished, the board is scanned and a plan of the maze can be printed.