Museum Designers

This project explores the influence of priming methods in participatory design on extending a museum collection. The findings from this study can contribute to new applications of priming methods in participatory design for museums.

A recent trend in museum experience design shows the need to involve visitors in the design process. Mostly museums use participatory design to create exhibitions. An aspect that is largely ignored is the use of participatory design to co-create collections with visitors. This paper presents a study that explored if and how priming methods in participatory design can be used to extend a museum collection.

We found that participants using all three types of priming methods were able to extend the collection with both objects and multiple types of stories – retrospectives, previews, memories, differences between past and present, interesting parts of the material, and ideas for museums. Next to this, it was found that the quality of the content increased with the number of different types of stories. Lastly, the study shows that 2D collages and physical objects are more successful in delivering quality output than the quiz game. The 2D collages provide a wider range of quality, from categories 1-9, while the physical objects provided a higher overall quality.